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, For example, energy firms now collect, process and store data on how citizens consume energy, at what time and in what locations, as well as data relevant to billing

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, For more details

, The manner in which the Cloud Act was ratified, tacked on to the end of the 2018 omnibus spending bill without any congressional debate or oversight, has been widely criticized as representing a dishonest attempt to force the law through as a 'legislative rider

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, The EC has recently issued a deadline to US authorities to appoint a permanent Ombudsperson for managing EU citizens' complaints by the end of February 2019 at the latest. While this is a step in the right direction, with the US finally agreeing to do so in late, 2019.

, The proposed Directive would require providers of online services, including Cloud computing technologies, to designate and maintain a permanent legal representative in the EU, who would be charged with processing and complying with orders from EU or member state authorities on preserving or producing electronic evidence used in the context of investigations. 16. The proposed Regulation aims to create two new legal tools: a 'European Production Order' and a 'European Preservation Order'. The objective is to allow EU and member state authorities to compel certain providers of online services