. Kessler and . Deciding, 54 Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, 85 th session, 1862, Albany, Charles Van Benthuysen, 1862, 4:1, cited by Kessler Deciding, " 469. This report dealt with a proposed court that was established in Delaware County in 1862-5, for small claims

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K. See and D. Amalia, merchants were not the prime or the most important movers on arbitration matters: the New York Chamber of Commerce was just one group in a much wider progressive?and paternalistic?campaign Arbitration and Americanization: The Paternalism of Progressive Procedural Reform 72 " for the benefit and convenience of a class); " in the interest of a wealthy private corporation, " according to senator Jacobs What is obviously wanted is not a Court of Arbitration supported by the State for the benefit of rich merchants and bankers and brokers, but cheap justice for the people The Daily Graphic, 71 In the US, contrary to what is often stated according to representative McGowan, pp.2940-2993, 1875.

C. L. Bernheimer, president of the NYCC Arbitration Committee from 1912 to 1944, was a Republican manufacturer who was particularly interested in labo arbitration. Following his impulse, the Chamber created a fund to popularize arbitration (the Arbitration Education Fund), created model rules, lobbied Secretary of Commerce Hoover, 1864.