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Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering Li-ion batteries FTIR Computer simulation Oxide Vacancies crystal Scanning tunneling microscopy Nucleation and growth Magnesium compounds Random alloy Thin films Oxygen Chemical bonding Silver Iron compounds Out-of-equilibrium dynamic properties Adsorption Antibacterial activity Plasmon Carbon NANOKIN code Lithium-ion batteries Lattice dynamics GISAXS Magnetron sputtering Interfaces Magnetic properties and materials Surface energy X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 100 termination Density functional theory SURFACES Structural properties Local structure Nanostructures Solid-state dewetting Density functional calculations Heterogeneous catalysis Lithium batteries Conduction bands Segregation Pulsed laser deposition Nanocrystal Surfaces Magnetic properties of nanostructures Phospho-olivines XPS Self-assembly Metal-insulator boundaries Vortex gyrotropic motion Carbon monoxide oxidation Metals Layered compounds Numerical simulation studies Cobalt Oxides 7322−f Surface science Ultra-thin films Molecular dynamics X-ray diffraction Surface chemistry Wet synthesis Raman spectra Gold nanoparticles Phonons Surface reconstruction Magnesium oxide XRD Olivine Magnesium oxides Couches minces Water Platinum Nucleation Lithium compounds III-V semiconductors Nuclear quantum effects Magnetic properties FTIR spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy Intercalation compounds Oxidation Clusters Monolayers Spinel Faceting MgO Structure THIN-FILMS SEMICONDUCTORS Miscibility gap Surface diffusion Iron Iron aluminide Chemisorption Model catalyst Nanoparticles Ab initio calculations Vibrational spectroscopy